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A Handbook for Litigants in Person Published

The Judiciary of England and Wales have sought to pre-empt the predicted wholesale increase in litigants-in-person by publishing what it has modestly titled ‘A Handbook for Litigants in Person’.

I say “modestly” as it runs to some 170 pages and appears on a first read through to be extremely comprehensive. Indeed the learned editors have gone so far as to provide the would-be amateur litigator with a brief history of the process of litigation (for example, a brief mention of the Saxon origins of the County Court!).

 It appears to be a valiant effort in any event to proffer some valuable guidance into the process of litigating in England and Wales, which must appear to be Byzantinely-complex to many.

The Handbook clearly requires an intelligent reader and one with pretty advanced literacy skills. This observation surely must not be a surprise to the said learned editors, but probably reflects the reality of the projected altering demographic of litigant in person in the courts.

The Handbook is available online at:


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