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Holidays of a lifetime!

Good news for schedulers! There is now empirical support for all those additional holiday costs claims.


A survey of 3,000 people by Teletext Holidays (published on 22 February 2011) reveals that we will go on 121 holidays over our life times. The average Briton  goes on 2 holidays every year from the age of 18. The types of holiday and destination vary. We tend to travel to party capitals for holidays with groups of friends before settling down to romantic breaks with a partner and what the survery describes as “fun-filled” holidays with the family.

Each holiday is likely to cost an average of nearly £860 per person with another £533 for spending money making a total of £2,784 per year or more than £168,452 over the average adult life time.

The survey also contains some  useful information for counterschedulers. On average, our holiday life times come to an end at the age of 78.5 so multipliers for holidays costs claims can be discounted to at least that age.


The survey reveals that our choice of detinations change as we get older. Teenagers head to London, Blackpool or Brighton for their  first holidays after leaving school although Newquay appears to be fast closing the gap.  Ibiza is still the choice for those in their early twenties with 60% (or at least 60% of those on Teletext Holidays) identifying “a good nightlife” as the most important factor in holidays at this stage.


For romance we head for the Caribbean, Paris or Rome having been to Amsterdam for our stag and hen weekends.  Family life sees us holiday in Florida but second place still goes to Blackpool followed by Majorca and the Costa Del Sol. In retirement, assuming we will still have one, we will unnwind in Australia, the Caribbean or by going on a cruise. Worryingly, the survey says nothing about the middle aged. Perhaps those whose children have grown up but have not yet retired are just too weary to plan a holiday!


For those who like lists (or just don’t like planning holidays) the survey helpfully includes a suggested “Holiday Timeline”:  


Post-school holiday – Newquay

Gap Year travelling – Australia

Holiday with friends during your early twenties – Ibiza

Holiday with boyfriend / girlfriend – Caribbean

Stag / Hen weekend – Amsterdam

Honeymoon – Maldives

Holiday with young children – Florida

Holiday with teenagers – Florida

Retirement holiday – Australia


So get packing!

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