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Quality Care Commission Survey of Maternity Services

Maternity services are improving, however there is still more to be done with regards postnatal care, according to a survey by the Quality Care Commission.

In December the Quality Care Commission released the results of its latest survey. More than half of all women in England who gave birth in February 2010 responded to the survey, of which 25,000 received maternity services from the 144 NHS Trusts in England.

The results show that women are generally positive about the services they receive, with 92% rating their care during pregnancy as good or better. However there remain several areas of concern, primarily in terms of postnatal care. In particular, no improvements were made in the length of time women waited for stitches for an episiotomy (cut) or tear.

The survey has broken down results by NHS Trust. In London four of the 22 hospital trusts were rated better than the national average. The breakdown for each care provider can be found at http://caredirectory.cqc.org.uk/caredirectory/searchthecaredirectory.cfm.

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