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The real cost of litigants in person

  We all know the stereotype of a litigant in person: they turn up at court with numerous carrier bags filled with copious quantities of irrelevant documents heavily annotated in green ink. The parties in Mole v Hunter [2014] EWHC 658 (QB), both litigants in person, did not conform to that stereotype. In the words of Tugendhat J they “presented their cases to me with care and restraint&... [More]

McDonalds Coffee case - round two

Many of us will be familiar with the much ridiculed but ultimately successful 1994 McDonalds coffee claim made in America. For those who do not know the facts of that case the Claimant suffered third degree burns to her legs due to a McDonald’s coffee that they claimed was excessively hot and which was due to a failure to adequately label the coffee cup. The Claimant... [More]

We can all now resile from pre action admissions

In Woodland v Stopford [2011] EWCA Civ 266 handed down today the Court of Appeal again considered the law on resiling from pre action admissions when it dismissed an appeal by the Claimant of the decision of HHJ Holman who had permitted the Defendant to resile from their pre action admission. The claim arises as a result of the infant Claimant suffering an hypoxic brain injury durin... [More]

Spring is in the air

Be warned. Now that spring is here the flower police are out in force. Police were called out on Sunday to Whitecliffe Park in Poole when two children were spotted by an eagle eyed local resident picking daffodils and daisies. The childrens parents were warned by police that they were committing criminal damage by picking flowers. The parents who were at all times with the chil... [More]