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Negligence, false imprisonment and a surprising decision on contributory negligence: Liability of a taxi driver to a passenger detained in his vehicle injured jumping out

The case of Hicks v Young [2015] EWHC 1144 (QB) is extremely sad based, as the judge found, on a tragic misunderstanding between a taxi driver and his young passenger.  The taxi driver formed the view the claimant and his girlfriend were going to run off without paying so drove away from the claimant's home with him still in the vehicle, intending to "teach him a lesson".  The judge foun... [More]

Chief Coroner gives Guidance about Pre Inquest Review Hearings

      The unpredictability and inconsistency of coroners in their approach to inquests and the hearings that lead up to them has been a common moan for many years amongst those of us who practice in this field.  Pre inquest hearings in particular have been very much an unknown.  Some coroners make extensive use of them, actively case managing the inquest process and ens... [More]

Causation and catastrophic injury: when a late report really is too late

At 2am on 26 January 2006 Jonathan Boyle was at a bus stop on Grove Road in East London with a friend.  They had been out that evening and had been drinking.  At the same time a police car was being driven south along the road on the way to deal with a pub fight, although not being driven with lights or siren or in any sort of hurry.  The driver was travelling at about 33 miles per ... [More]