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Why settlement of a personal injury claim does not bring the application of the RTA Protocol to an end

The recent Court of Appeal decision in Phillips v Willis [2016] EWCA Civ 401 has provided welcome clarity as to the fate of claims initially made through the RTA portal when the personal injury element has been resolved prior to litigation commencing at Stage 3, but a dispute as to low-value special damages remains live between the parties.   The matter in question arose out of a collision b... [More]

Health and safety and self-employment – where do the boundaries lie?

Regular readers of the piblawg will no doubt recall previous posts discussing the various implications of the Lofstedt report . Published in November 2011, it is of course more correctly referred to as the “Reclaiming Health and Safety for All Review”.  It included a large number of suggested reforms, all aimed at “reducing the burden of health and safety regulation on busin... [More]

More Political Uncertainty for PI Litigators

Ian Miller’s recent post looking at of what party manifestos might tell us about the way ahead for personal injury lawyers identified a large number of potentially significant and yet radically differing changes ahead. Which actually lay in store for us was, of course, going to be dependent upon which way we voted – and upon which post-election alliances were formed and the compromises... [More]

When "friends" are more than just electric...

As if being the “star” of an Oscar-winning film (The Social Network) was not enough, social networking website “Facebook” has now made an "appearance" in the Liverpool District Registry of the High Court. A decision of Andrew Edie QC, Locke v Stuart and AXA was concerned with what was (successfully) alleged by AXA to have been a staged road traffic accident. A not insignifi... [More]