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Johnson v Unisys revisited: Monk v Cann Hall Primary School and Essex County Council [2013] EWCA Civ 826

  Mrs Monk was made redundant from her position as an administrative assistant at the First Respondent’s primary school, with effect from 31st August 2008. On 10th July, however, she was required to clear her desk before being publicly escorted from the premises. She brought a claim for psychiatric injuries. Her claim was struck out on the basis that it fell within the Johnson exclusio... [More]

Under-settlement: first VWF Scheme professional negligence case reported

Former miners who had worked for British Coal were offered a tariff-based government compensation scheme from 1999 if they could show they had developed symptoms of vibration white finger (VWF – now more commonly referred to as hand arm vibration syndrome or HAVS).  The scheme was the result of extensive negotiations between ex-miners’ representatives (principally claimant solicit... [More]